NEW Original Song: The Deep Deep Love of Jesus

14 March 2019
New Arrangements
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LISTEN: The Deep Deep Love of Jesus demo
Occasionally I’ll write a new tune for traditional hymn lyrics – I consider these a free bonus to a hymncharts subscription. Another original song you might enjoy is my new melody for Lead Me to Calvary.

The Deep Deep Love of Jesus is based on that old hymn with the same name – I’ve just tinkered with the original lyrics a little bit to make them more modern.

Try using it as an end to a Good Friday or Communion service. The “ocean” theme would also match well with… Hillsong’s Oceans 🙂

I have a feeling this one might be a hit – tell me what you think in the comments below!

Download The Deep Deep Love of Jesus:

Download sheet music, chord charts, tracks, multitracks and orchestration for The Deep Deep Love of Jesus exclusively with a HymnCharts subscription. You won’t find this song on any other website.

One response on “NEW Original Song: The Deep Deep Love of Jesus

  1. Mr Dan Chapman,
    Beautiful,beautiful. So clean, simple and
    worship to our God inspiring!🙌
    With praise team finishing with
    song Oceans, would be perfect.
    As pianist ,I will suggest to my choir director.
    Would be perfect for our small choir.

    Daphine Winegar

    First Baptist Church
    Weber City,Va.24251

    Choir Director
    Judy McConnell

    Praise Team Director
    Andrea Adkins Shepard

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