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All HymnCharts subscriptions have all the hymn arrangements – just with different sheet music downloads:

HymnCharts WORSHIP LEADER is for the worship leader who only needs chord charts, lead sheets, a piano part (“keys”) and stereo (accompaniment) tracks. The worship ministry of this church might have a small praise band or only a piano and acoustic guitar, and is led by a single worship leader with perhaps a single background vocalist.

HymnCharts PRAISE TEAM is for larger praise teams who would have more vocalists and a synth player: 3 part vocals, chord charts, lead sheets, piano parts (“keys”), synth strings, rhythm charts, stereo (accompaniment) tracks and service guides.

HymnCharts CHOIR is for ministries who need it all: SATB choir, SAB choir, 3 part vocals, lead sheets, chord charts, piano parts (“keys”), instrumental parts, rhythm charts, synth strings, stereo (accompaniment) tracks and service guides.

A note from composer/arranger Don Chapman:

The three tiers of HymnCharts subscriptions represent my own progression as a worship leader.

When I first became the music director at a young church plant we had about 100 people, met in a public school auditorium and set up a sound system every Sunday morning.

I’d usually have a keyboard, bass, drums and an acoustic (maybe even an electric if he was in town) and a vocalist or two, but often it would just be me at the keyboard with an acoustic. Sometimes I wouldn’t have any musicians so I’d use stereo tracks and play along with them on the keyboard. A HymnCharts WORSHIP LEADER subscription is for this ministry.

Soon we had our own building and I’d usually have at least 3 vocalists on my praise team. My new drummer wanted a rhythm chart, not a chord chart. Often I’d have a synth strings player along with a cellist and violinist who would also play from the synth strings sheet music. During the Christmas and Easter seasons we’d use one of my service guides with Scripture readings and underscores. A HymnCharts PRAISE TEAM subscription is for this ministry.

As the church grew to around 300, the worship ministry also grew. In addition to the cellist and violinist I’d have a flute, oboe or other instrument now and then. I’d form a small choir at Christmas and Easter. A HymnCharts CHOIR subscription is for this ministry.

Add MULTITRACKS to any subscription for an extra $100. Select this option at checkout.

Not sure which subscription is best for your church? Try subscribing to HymnCharts WORSHIP LEADER first, then upgrade at any time to another HymnCharts subscription. Remember, I give you a full 30 day money-back guarantee – I know ministry budgets are tight (mine sure was) and I don’t want you to be stuck with HymnCharts if you can’t use it.

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