Christ Arose Easter Service Guide

The Christ Arose Easter Service Guide gives you the music for a complete Easter service of over 25 minutes for your praise team or SAB/SATB choir.

A note from arranger/composer Don Chapman

The flexibility of the Christ Arose Easter Service Guide will allow you to use it in different forms for years to come. Use the entire service for Easter, then use the other songs grouped together or individually for your Communion services.

It's flexible: lead the service with just a worship leader and pianist or include a 3 part vocal praise team or full SATB or SAB choir - all the parts are included.

SATB choir practice tracks: The Christ Arose Easter Service Guide is the first HymnCharts service guide to be recorded specifically for SATB choir. This service guide also includes MP3 practice tracks for soprano, alto, tenor and bass for every song.

If you don't have any musicians, conduct the entire service with my MP3 stereo tracks. The songs and Underscores come in both vocal and stereo track versions. You can read the Scripture narrations over the tracks or play the vocal narration demos. Some churches like to play the underscores live and use tracks for the songs.

The secret to this service guide, and something you won't find ANYWHERE else, is my specially composed underscores that are to be played under the Scripture narrations. I've created these underscores to match the mood and feeling of the Scripture narrations - much like a movie score supports the acting. This will allow you to create the perfect worship flow for your service!

The Christ Arose Easter Service Guide comes exclusively with a PRAISE TEAM or CHOIR subscription level.

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