Does every song have an audio demo?
No, we're currently recording all the arrangements. See a list of all the hymns and recordings.
Can I make CDs of the MP3s and give them to my music team?
Yes, that will help them learn the music quickly. Our MP3s do not have any copy protection and can also be used on any MP3 player. Please note that not all arrangements are recorded yet. Read more about it.
Can other people on my praise team log in and download music?
Yes, the website licence is for your entire church. Simply create a generic username and password and give it to your music team.
Is copying covered under my CCLI license?
Yes, all HymnCharts arrangements have their own CCLI number. Please contact CCLI with any questions.
How many hymns are on the website?
Over 100 - here's a list.
Is there a limit to how many hymns you can download?
No, you can download and keep all the music you want from HymnCharts.
Can I still use the HymnCharts arrangements I've downloaded if I don't renew my subscription?
Yes, keep all the music you've downloaded and use it if your subscription lapses.
Can you change keys?
Yes, if you own Finale (Sibelius 5 is the last version that can open Finale files.) All the arrangements come in both Acrobat format and Finale formats.
Do you have praise and worship songs like Here I Am to Worship?
No, we only have public domain hymns (older hymns like "Holy Holy Holy" and "Blessed Assurance.") Here's a list of hymns on the website.