I use your charts almost every Sunday, and love them. You have done such a great job giving new life and spirit to old hymns. Your website is easy to use, and all charts are so accessible. Well done!

Susan Hutchinson Banning
Rockland Community Church
Golden, CO

I am so relieved to finally find hymn arrangements that do not alter the rhythm and melody of the original hymn for the vocalists and congregants. This is so important to me, as it allows congregants to worship fully (instead of singing tentatively and half heartedly while they fumble through syncopated rhythms and unexpected extra long rests between phrases) and places the burden solely on the instrumentalists to add musical interest to the hymn. This makes so much sense to me, but it is so hard to find arrangements like these. I appreciate that all of your arrangements offer us this. Thank you!!

Tanya S
Harmony, PA

We had wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Sunday services which included a number of your arrangements. I’d say some of our favorites include What Child is This, O Come, O Come Emmanuel (2013), O Little Town of Bethlehem (2008), and Silent Night, though we have used many others. I always appreciate how you include the Finale files. A few tweaks I often do include: moving away from sharp keys (A and E, mostly) to the nearest flat keys.

Greg Denney
West Hills Community Church
Salem, OR

Hymncharts was especially significant this Christmas season. One of the highlights of worship during Advent was your arrangement of “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence.” We observe Communion on the first week of the month, and it was the perfect service music for communion that Sunday – an apple of gold in settings of silver worship moment, especially with the addition of cello and violin – so moving.

Scott Bolander
Saddlerock Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Wenatchee, WA

Our congregation is incredibly receptive to your quality arrangements of the old hymns. The elder saints can still hear the tune they love so much and generation x/z feel like they’re singing new praise and worship songs and are digging the “deep” lyrics. I think your product is the best on the market.

Doug Hewitt
First Baptist Church
Riverview, FL

This is ABSOLUTELY the best worship music site that I have seen to date! I am BLOWN AWAY at the content that you guys offer on your site, and at how useful the arrangements are. What truly sets you guys apart is 1- The different .mp3 resources that you offer (particularly drum loops!) 2- The flexibility of making all of the copies I need 3- The Finale Charts included!!! 4- The helpful descriptions/tips that you offer (i.e. the pairing of, say, “O Come All Ye Faithful” [rockin’ chart btw!] and “Forever”). Thanks for making such a killer resource! I wish like everything that I had made the jump to you guys a year ago!

Josh Sutton
Mountain Park First Baptist Church
Stone Mountain, GA

I just wanted to say how much I am thankful for your work. Trying to blend hymns with modern worship songs is extremely difficult. You site is bridging the gap.

Barry Bouchillon
First Baptist
Greenwood, MS

Just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for providing MULTITRACKS! I have been using loops for our contemporary service (through LoopCommunity.com) and I am so excited about having more instruments to fill out our band for our traditional hymns service. So pumped about “Sing We Now of Christmas” too! My pastor gave us a “mandate” (overstating a bit), to have at least one HYMNCHARTS arrangement each Sunday. Thanks for continually updating your service!

Steve Ray
First Baptist Church
Magnolia, TX

Easter Sunday, in our little rural church, we performed your Easter Medley and Christ Arose arrangements with a full choir and band. What awesome moments those were! The music flowed beautifully in every way, and I know it lifted our entire congregation in worship. Everyone loved how the songs were familiar and traditional and yet contemporary in their arrangements. I just wanted to say thank you for creating these resources for us. May God continue to bless your work.

Carol Vetter
Turtle Lake Baptist Church
Turtle Lake, ND

We love HymnCharts…it has helped us start an orchestra ministry in our small church! The parts are accessible and don’t leave the same “gaps” as most orchestrations. We appreciate what you do. God bless your ministry!

Josh Erisman
FBC Strafford
Strafford, MO

I wanted to tell you that you “hit it out of the park” with O Little Town! It is haunting, beautiful and memorable”. I haven’t been so excited about a new arrangement of a hymn…ever… Our choir loves it, our musicians have a BLAST playing it. It should be picked up by a group for a cantata! It’s wonderful. Thank you for your work with hymns. We now have the opportunity to utilize the traditional melody, strong lyrics without compromising the tune.

Jennifer Knox
China Grove, NC

Thanks so much for the arrangement of “Come, Ye Sinners”. Love your arrangement and used it this past Sunday—the congregation sang it as they came to the communion table. It’s really a very interesting arrangement and totally suits the hymn-tune and text. I’ve really enjoyed your arrangements the past few years—more to the point, my congregation enjoys and appreciate the “freshening up” of favorite hymns.

Dennis Lewallen
Kingswood United Methodist Church
Dunwoody, GA

Hymns set to contemporary styles really hits the sweet spot for our church in terms of providing toe-tapping rhythms that keep those born since 1930 engaged, while at the same time giving everyone the substantive lyrics many of them grew up with. Young and old alike seem well pleased when we include one of your arrangements.

Paul Day-Lucore
Welshire Church
Denver, CO

I just want to say thank you for doing this. It is REALLY hard to find all the things you’re offering in one place WITH a small orchestration.I just joined our church up! A+.

Brandon Snow
Fellowship Baptist Church
Rome, GA

I use your hymns every week. HymnCharts is part of my job description. I don’t plan a service without it. I also recommended this site to my friends from other churches.

Sam Ruiz
Ridgeway Church
White Plains, NY

Our worship team is small but we sound great with your arrangements.

Sherrie Hoglin
Trinity Reformed Church
El Monte, CA

Thanks for all you’re doing at Hymncharts. I use your arrangements every week in our services.

Debbie Wallace
Fredericktowne Baptist Church
Walkersville, MD

Thank you for the ministry you provide. We used your “Grateful Heart” Thanksgiving Service & the congregation loved it!

Michael Sneeringer
Bible Fellowship Community Church
West Newton, PA

Just wanted to say a big “Thank You” for the Christmas Eve Service Guide. We used this at our church, and SO many have come to me and commented on what a blessing it was. The “flow” and the “ease of use” was perfect for our small church! The stereo tracks were beautifully arranged, yet very easy to use and follow, without requiring a lot of rehearsal time.

Rebecca Crowe
Bethlehem UMC
Statesville, NC

We used your arrangement of “O Holy Night” this past Sunday with choir, congregation, band, and fantastic trumpeter. In both of our morning services, the congregation sang with full voice, and it was thrilling. Thank you for your great work.

Gayle Gemeinhart
Englewood Christian Church
Jacksonville, FL

Although we tweaked your Christmas Service Guide a little bit, we used the majority of your service plan, performing all of the music live – it really provided a beautiful and meaningful worship service for almost 600 people who attended our church that evening.

Ann Hanson
Director of Worship & Music Ministries
Immanuel Church of the Nazarene
Lansdale, PA

I discovered your site a few weeks ago, subscribed, and continue to be astounded. I am blown away by the superb quality, style, and wealth of material you provide. We are just starting to implement your arrangements but they are getting rave reviews. We have a lead acoustic guitar & vocal (me), a keyboard, and a praise team of 3 people. You must have had our church in mind because your music fits us perfectly – upbeat, blended worship. The Worship Ideas and Worship Flow tips so helpful too. Please keep it up. I am recommending you to everyone I know. We could not be happier. Thank you and thank the Lord for equipping you to help the Church through your gifts.

Tom Bielek
Chesapeake, VA

Your arrangements are so accessible, so easy to play and sing. And the added parts for C instruments, Bb instruments, synth strings, etc., have made a huge difference. Using a combination of only three instruments – guitar, keys and drums – we’ve managed to do some truly memorable and wonderful hymns. Thank you for your website. It’s well worth the price of the subscription.

Bob Castelline
Prince of Peace Lutheran
Des Moines, IA

This HymnCharts subscription is the answer to our prayers, literally. When I found your site and saw the arrangements, I knew this was absolutely what we’d been looking for. Read the entire letter.

Nancy Ramsden
Blissfield, MI

Thank you for your willingness – not only to serve the Kingdom – but also to be so willing to share what you do with others. I regularly visit and enjoy your website and have used several of your hymn arrangements …and I thank you!

Ann Hanson
Immanuel Church of the Nazarene
Lansdale, PA

Just wanted to drop you all a quick note to say “thank you” for your ministry and all you mean to us worship directors & leaders out there. We purchased the “I Adore You” Christmas Service Guide and used it for our two Christmas Eve services and we received many positive comments and many were blessed. Thank you again for this wonderful resource.

Suzanne Kalish
First Baptist Church
Metuchen, NJ

Thank you for your ministry. I have been using your HymnCharts for about nine months, and with their addition I have noticed that the tension in our congregation concerning the “music war” has eased. Hymn lovers are satisfied, those unfamiliar with or antagonistic toward hymns are finding an appreciation for them, the band is positive about them, and the stress is removed from my shoulders. Thank you for making these charts available and for being so gracious with the pricing and usage.

Shawn Amy
New Beginnings Church of God
Meadville, PA

We continue to hear great things about the way your arrangements bridge the gap in our struggle to “blend” church music. Thanks for the many hours you spend helping us out here in the trenches. Your efforts make a great difference in all we do. May God continue to be praised and glorified through this music.

Elizabeth Roberts
Immanuel Baptist Church
Minot, ND

Thank you for all the work you have done to make church musicians look so much better, and provide music congregations can embrace. It is an inspired endeavor.

Lynnell Goacher
Blue Ridge Christian Church
Asheville, NC

I want to sing, “Have I told you lately that I love you…!” Your Advent/Christmas hymn arrangements have made this season (for 3 years now) so easy & wonderful! Actually, we do some “Chapman” every week of the year in our “8:55 Service.” Everyone here at First Pres. Greer enjoys your arrangements, from the Praise Team band, singers, & congregation. Thanks so much, and keep them coming!

Wendi Arms
First Presbyterian Church
Greer, SC

These arrangements are great – we have a worship band and don’t usually include many hymns, but since I’ve found this site I’ve used at least one per week – great job!

Kent A. Drake
Woodford Community Christian Church
Versailles, KY

I want to thank you yet again for what you’ve done with these hymns. They have completely revitalized our worship program; attendance for the worship has dramatically increased, as opposed to most of the congregation wandering in just in time to catch half of the last song and the sermon. Now, nearly the whole church shows up right on time, eager.

The last compliment we received is one that I think you would enjoy: a couple who’ve attended our church for several years came late to the sanctuary doors and stopped, confused. They told me later they assumed another church was in there, and they’d somehow not gotten the message we moved. Why? Because the music sounded so “vital and alive.”

Ruthanne Reid
Faith Community Church
San Clemente, CA

We continue to use many of your hymn arrangements and our congregation really enjoys the fresh approach to the original melodies. Also, our praise team members love the professional looking charts and the ease and flexibility with which we can change things. You are providing a great service to all denominations who are looking for a better way to blend worship styles. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

Elizabeth Roberts
Immanuel Baptist Church
Minot, ND

We used your HymnCharts Christmas arrangements almost exclusively this year and they were a lot of fun. Normally you catch some gruff from the guitarists and drummers around Christmastime but these arrangements were very easy to play yet sounded great, nice rock edge to them.

Eric Anderson
Mount Hope Church
Grand Blanc, MI

Three weeks ago, my pastor gave me a 10-day notice to put together the most contemporary service we’ve ever done because we were having a guest evangelist to preach. With local high school graduation and Memorial Day approaching, there was no time to practice any new worship songs. I turned to HymnCharts.com for help. Four of the seven songs (all of the hymns) we used in worship were HymnCharts. Our pianist was thrilled with the arrangements. The congregation worshiped like never before! And there was even the salvation of one retired Navy Seaman. HymnCharts are becoming an important part of our worship repertoire.

Jay Hodges
First Baptist Church
Lucedale, Mississippi

Thanks SO MUCH for this site!! This makes it possible to use the hymns that my older worshippers love while pleasing my younger worshippers at the same time! Whew! What a relief!!! Keep up the great work!

Sarah Herron
Wesley Chapel UMC
New Albany, IN

I have just become a GREAT fan of you and your wonderful website. When I found your site, it was like it was written about our church and the problems we are having between praise music and hymns! We have used at least 4 of your songs with great success!

Sue Jacob
Clough UM Church
Cincinnati, OH

Just wanted to say thanks for making hymns sing-able and play-able. I used the free promo “All Hail” for a long time before I was in a position to subscribe to the website. Now (not to sound like an info-mercial, but) I really don’t know what I’d do without it.

We have 2 services (traditional and contemporary) and I use the arrangements for both. My pianist was a bit frustrated at first with so many of the songs being in E (which I think is only fair for all of the piano dominant songs in Bb and F – yuck) but now she doesn’t even flinch. It’s helped her skill level and refreshed the hymns in her mind. In our contemporary service last week I used the verses of “Jesus Paid it all” and dropping the chorus we used “Overflow” by Tomlin. It made for a powerful moment at the end when we finally sang the Chorus of Jesus paid. Thanks for all that you do.

Ray Jester
Sarasota Christian Church
Sarasota, FL

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve been using hymncharts for almost two years now and today we pulled out the stops with “For the Beauty of the Earth” and plugged in our brass group along with our worship team….talk about incredible!!! Thanks for a great arrangement!!

Gail Dapprich
University Baptist Church
Fort Worth, TX

I was planning on doing an arrangement that I cooked up for Blessed Assurance this week… that is… until I listened to your arrangement. WOW. I scrapped mine and downloaded yours. I can’t wait to spring this version on our folks tomorrow. If all of your arrangements are like this one, I’m going to have lots of FUN!!

Dave Hudgins
Driscoll Blvd Baptist Church
Spokane, WA

I LOVE using your HymnChart arrangements. We are a fairly small church (250) with a blended service with a contemporary focus. Your charts have enabled me to continue with our beloved hymns and blend them so beautifully with the new praise pieces. The Christmas season has never been so fun for me musically! Thank you!!

Kim Berggren
Andover Christian Church
Andover, MN

We love your work!!! It has transformed our service making it a smooth, beautiful and worshipful service with hymns and choruses.

Mary Rice
First Baptist
Coos Bay, OR

I just found out about your site this morning, became a member, and tried your hymns for the first time. I am amazed, I actually started clapping because this is so awesome. Thanks for your work — it is exactly what we need here at our church!!!

Aaron Welch
Calvary Baptist Church
Canton, MI

The hymncharts site is a real blessing. You are doing a wonderful job. We use these arrangements frequently and our congregation really enjoys them. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Andy Lanham
Linton First Christian Church
Linton, IN

Our church has two services: more traditional and more contemporary, and typically the “more traditionals” have contempt for the “loud, raucous, repetitive” choruses used in the other service. We’re moving to one service for the summertime, and last weekend we had our first combined service. I used several HymnCharts.com arrangements, along with a mix of contemporary music with rave reviews. One in particular was “My Savior’s Love” – turns out to be the old-timer’s favorite, but the arrangement you’ve created makes a beautiful sound with updated chording that appealed to our high schoolers too! I appreciate your ministry so much!

Heidi Weesies
Westend Christian Reformed Church
Grand Rapids, MI

I have used your arrangements in several of our services, and they have worked very well. This is a great website.

Daniel Forness
Spring Creek Church
Pewaukee, WI

Just a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate the arrangements available at HymnCharts. I subscribed in a panic right before Easter looking for some contemporary arrangements for our Good Friday Service. We’ve used one of your arrangements every week since then.

Randy Barron
Calvary Chapel
St. George, UT

As volunteer worship leader for a new church, I and our congregation have truly been blessed by your arrangements. I am unfamiliar with many hymns, having only faint memories from childhood, but I have inserted weekly at least one to mix with the contemporary music. The looks on the faces of our worshiping people tell me many are familiar with a particular song, but are taken back and excited by the new arrangement. You’ve truly done a service, and it was money well spent by me in obtaining the fruit of your gifts.

Mike Nealley
Lifewater Community Church
Fort Wayne, IN

I just want to tell you how incredibly impressed I am with your hymn arrangements. They are exceptionally musical and beautiful and I love every single one. Thank you for your work in this important area.

Monika Rose
Emmanual Baptist Church
Victoria, BC, Canada

We use HymnCharts and have had a good response to them. The piano parts are a blast to play.

Tricia Green
Grace Baptist
Granger, IN

Thanks for your ministry. We’ve been using your arrangements with great success for a few months now. The quality of the music is excellent!

Gregory Pittman
Citadel Square Baptist Church
Charleston, SC

I just love these arrangements and never take the time to let you know that. For a classically-trained pianist who loves worship music – this website has lifted our hymn-singing to a whole new level.

Patti Kruse
New Covenant Lutheran Church
Scottsdale, AZ

I’ve been using your arrangements during our services over the past several months. It has helped bridge the gap between the “traditionalists” who aren’t happy without hymns and the “contemporaries” who like a more upbeat, contemporary worship service, where hymns just don’t complement in style. It’s helped a great deal. Thanks so much for making this service available. I hope you continue to use this gift as long as possible!

Rachel Rode
Southwest Covenant Church
Lockport, IL

I used your arrangement to end the worship Sunday and received more feedback on “Amazing Grace” than I’ve ever received on a hymn.

Gary Griffith
First Baptist Church of Swartz
Swartz, LA

I love your rendition of Rejoice, the Lord is King!!! WOW! That is so cool! I plan on doing it this Sunday and am very excited to hear all the parts together. You are doing outstanding work for the Kingdom! Thank you so much and may the Lord continue to expand and abundantly bless you.

Grace Bent
Christ Lutheran
Whitefish, MT

Your arrangements are perfect for my choir! We are a small beginner group of 10, but with your music, we feel successful and comfortable. Thank you!

Jaclyn Gilbert
Greenview Alliance Church
Montoursville, PA

What a tremendous resource HymnCharts is for our church. I really appreciate the way you have maintained the rhythm of the hymn and while at the same time updating the underlying accompaniment. The integration of these two things is so valuable.

Mark Jonah
Grant Memorial Church
Winnipeg, Manitoba

This website is AWESOME! Thank you so much for the work you’re doing. It helps me a great deal.

Melissa Fox
First Baptist Church
Herndon, VA

I lead services about once a month and rely on a good team around me to take what I put together and make it happen. The team has really enjoyed your arrangements. We have used 8 of your hymncharts so far and they have all been very effective. I try to blend hymns and choruses, and hymncharts have added freshness to the process.

Peter Regitnig
Taber Evangelical Free Church
Taber, Alberta, Canada

I use Hymncharts often in our worship. I love the new arrangements of the old hymns! People tell me regularly how much they enjoy singing them, which thrills me no end. The old hymns have such solid lyrics and tie us in to those believers who have gone before us. I don’t ever want to lose that connection. So thank you for making that possible in such a wonderful way!!! May God abundantly bless your ministry and continue to bless your creativity.

Grace Bent
Christ Lutheran
Whitefish, MT

Love your arrangements! They flow so nice with the rest of the worship without having to stop and “switch gears” for a hymn. The guitar players loved it, as well as the congregation. Keep up the good work!

Pamela J Gafkjen
Wahpeton, ND

I just joined and am busy running some music off this morning! Thank you so much – it is what I have needed.

Sharon Strand
Grace Lutheran Brethren
Maxbass, ND

My worship band is amazed at your arrangements and we are excited to be able to use some traditional hymns in an uplifting style. Keep them coming!

Dave Driver
Bethany Church
Holland MI

I have enjoyed your arrangements immensely! HymnCharts is one of the most valuable tools I have with my music ministry.

Darlene Karvelius
Christ the Rock Lutheran
Belvidere IL

HymnCharts opened up a way for us to reintroduce hymns into our contemporary service. Nobody is doing what you’re doing. Keep it up!

Brett Pfender
The Turning Pointe Church
Evansville IN

Thank you for your arrangement of It Is Well With My Soul. I used this as our closing song at our Good Friday service and the arrangement was beautiful and glorified the power of the words that exalted God on high. I and many others were brought to tears while singing this song. Your website has helped me to integrate hymns sensitively in a blended worship service. May God continue to bless you in your work.

Winona Magno
Calvary Church
Toronto, Canada

Let me first say that you are doing a fantastic job. I used your arrangement of All Hail the Power Of Jesus’ Name in an afternoon praise program and it went off. Best version of a hymn we’ve done… EVER! Keep up the great work and thanks heaps. It’s made my life much, much easier.

Dave Page
Nowra, Australia

I really appreciate the work you do for the church! HymnCharts makes my job less stressful and I now have more quality time to spend with people.

Aric Marshall
Singing Hills Christian Church
Hillsboro, OR

We used Joy to the World, Silent Night and Hark! the Herald Angels for our Carols and Candlelight Christmas Eve service. Everybody LOVED them. We couldn’t have gotten more positive feedback from our congregation.

Scott McMurrian
Grace Memorial Baptist Church
Slidell, Louisiana

The HymnCharts arrangements are great. They work well in our services which are predominantly contemporary. I’ve had so many great comments regarding the use of the hymns. We’ve used more hymns than ever this fall! I thought you’d like to know that they are working well in this ministry.

Michael Fischer
Faith Covenant Church
Burnsville, MN

I am appreciating this service you provide very much. Thank you so much for this ministry and how it has helped me as a worship leader.

Terry Ross
Thunder Bay Baptist Church
Rogers City, MI

I have downloaded all of the Christmas songs you have to offer and our praise team has considered them a Godsend… As a pianist I thank you for the full piano accompaniment. I can read lead sheets if I have to but I prefer a written piano part. I can’t say enough good things about HymnCharts.com. Thanks for everything!

Kathy Wedding
Trinity Presbyterian Church
Arvada, Colorado

Thanks so much for your efforts in helping us make this transition in church music. As an organist for over 30 years, it has been a pleasure to be able to keep the old hymns I love so much, but have an exciting arrangement that everyone enjoys. We do really appreciate your ministry. You have no idea what a help it has been for us.

Joy Gardiner
Berea Church of Christ
Vienna, Virginia

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love Hymncharts.com. I am a musician and music director for a traditional Protestant service on a military base. We have a very mixed congregation, but I have introduced many of the hymns as special music and everyone has commented on how they enjoyed the music for the service. Thank you so much 🙂

Michele Urban
Vandenberg AFB, CA

I am enjoying your arrangements! Thank you for your service, a real time-saver. I could do (and do create) arrangements like these, but it takes time, and there’s seldom extra time available. You fill a need at a reasonable price for those of us on strapped budgets. Thanks again!

Brad Weishaupt
Northwood Baptist Church
West Palm Beach, FL

I love your site! I have had great fun just discovering and using all that is here. Thanks! Keep up the good work.

Susan Campbell
Cornerstone UMC
Newnan, GA

Keep up the GREAT work you are doing. You are providing what we are needing to blend the traditional with the contemporary in hymns. The ensemble members love them and so does the congregation. Love your stuff and am recommending it to my fellow ministers of music in NC.

James R. Davidson
Viewmont Baptist Church
Hickory, NC

Thank you. I have been looking for contemporary hymn arrangements for a long time. You are a blessing!

Patsy Gertson
1st United Methodist
East Bernard, TX

I’m really looking forward to trying out some of the hymns with my band and church. I’ve been searching for years to find a source of praise music that had decent keyboard parts plus harmonies written out for singers.

Bob Reid
Brandon Lutheran Church
Brandon, SD

Thanks again for the great arrangements. The hymns are a big hit with the band and the church.

Duane Fernandez
First Baptist Church
Sanlando Springs, FL

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