Change Key With Finale

Chord charts at HymnCharts are transposed for you, but you can change the key of our sheet music with Finale (sold separately.) Feel free to edit the arrangements any way you want using Finale. Is the key too high or low? Change it! Want to repeat the chorus one more time? Cut and paste it!

Arrangements are created using Finale 2000, so the files are extremely backward compatible – any version of Finale back to Finale 2000 will open them.

NOTE: Sibelius 5 is the last version that will open native Finale files.

By the way, you don’t have to buy the expensive version of Finale – less expensive versions, like Allegro, PrintMusic and SongWriter will open and edit the music.

Each HymnChart arrangement is available in the Finale MUS format.

Don’t have Finale? HymnCharts arrangements are also available as Adobe Acrobat PDF files – printable with the free Acrobat Reader (you probably have Acrobat on your computer now.)

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