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Hi, I’m Don Chapman, the arranger for hymncharts. I want to take a moment and tell you about and why I started it.

If your church has a praise band, I’m sure you’re struggling with hymns. The contemporary group usually avoids them and the traditional group constantly asks for them. Worship leaders, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about (and I bet you can think right now of names and faces from each group!)

I decided to do something about it. I like to solve problems and this one is huge.

I’ve discovered the key problem is that hymns are written for pipe organs, not guitars! Hymns don’t groove, and therefore don’t really blend with today’s praise and worship sets. The chords change on nearly every beat and guitarists don’t like that. They want to strum a while and build momentum (and groove.)

And here’s my secret to hymncharts: I smooth out the chord structure of hymns (generally no more than 2 chords per measure) and give them a little contemporary twist.

Your problems with combining hymns with choruses don’t stop with guitarists, either. Most pianists pound the keys (that’s how I was taught in my piano lessons – to whip up and down the piano to carry the congregation!) hymncharts tones the keyboardists down, teaching them to play rhythmically and appropriately. These arrangements will blend your guitarists and keyboardists into a tight group.

Hymncharts are all about making hymns flow with contemporary worship. You really won’t believe your ears. These hymns take on a new life and you’ll discover they’re really praise songs in disguise!

During my testing phase the churches who worshipped with hymncharts found them to be wildly successful. And I mean wildly. In fact, incorporating these charts into worship has been the most successful thing I’ve done in my 20 years working in the music ministry.

Why? A big reason is everyone’s happy! These arrangements are contemporary enough for the praise band and yet still have appeal for a traditionalist. I never change the melody to “jazz it up” like so many publishers do – I keep the tune just as you’ll find it in your hymnal, only changing the chords and rhythm of the accompaniment. I’ve found that people want to sing hymns, but they don’t necessarily want to sing them the “old fashioned” way.

In my own church I’ve had a mid-twenties hipster and a 60+ woman tell me they love this stuff. When was the last time you’ve had two extreme age groups love the same music?

I have been using your hymncharts for about nine months, and with their addition I have noticed that the tension in our congregation concerning the “music war” has eased. Hymn lovers are satisfied, those unfamiliar with or antagonistic toward hymns are finding an appreciation for them, the band is positive about them, and the stress is removed from my shoulders. Thank you for making these charts available and for being so gracious with the pricing and usage. Shawn Amy, New Beginnings Church of God

I guarantee that subscribing to hymncharts will be the best thing you can do to bring your church together in worship. And any church can benefit from hymncharts, no matter your size or style. The arrangements sound great with just a piano and guitar as well as with a full band.

I’m so sure you’ll love hymncharts that I’ll completely refund your money if you’re not completely delighted. Subscribe today and experience worship like you’ve never experienced it before!

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