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Words:Edward Perronet
Music:Oliver Holden
Key:E major
Time Sig:4/4
Tempo:118 | up tempo
Meter:C.M. with repeats
CCLI #:5252336
Verse:Philippians 2:9-11


All Hail the Power was the very first HymnCharts arrangement I created back in 2002! Since then I've updated the arrangement by removing the key change (who changes keys anymore?!) and adding several different recordings to demonstrate how my arrangements can fit any style of worship ministry. All Hail the Power makes a good call to worship and a way to start an upbeat praise set. The melody is in a mid range which makes it easier to sing - it acts like a vocal warm-up for your congregation on an early morning.

All Hail the Power is also a good example of how a hymn can be transposed a few steps down for a female worship leader and up a few steps for a male worship leader. In this case, E major suits a girl better and G fits a guy.

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How to Download:

Welcome to a typical HymnCharts download page! To download files, click a blue button to open a PDF in your browser, or RIGHT click to save the file to your computer (a little box will pop up, then select something like "save as.") MUS files are Finale files and can be opened with Finale software (sold separately.) You can change the key and arrangement with Finale software.

About All Hail the Power:

A Note from arranger Don Chapman: I record most hymncharts arrangements in both a pop version (for a typical praise band of keyboards, guitars and drums) and an "ORC" version that features the instrumental parts.