Freedom’s Holy Light Patriotic Set Starter

The Freedom's Holy Light Patriotic Set Starter provides you with up to 19 minutes of music, congregational prayer time and Scripture narration for your Sunday worship, plus a piano offertory. Hymns include America the Beautiful, God of Our Fathers and My Country Tis of Thee.

Narration 2 begins with 2 Chronicles 7:14 and then the Underscore provides up to 9 minutes of keyboard background for a corporate prayer time. I suggest you preselect 3 people to pray. Ask them to pray for 2 minutes on a specific topic. For instance: servicemen and women from the congregation, political leaders, peace, etc. Instruct them to come to the stage on the last verse of “God of Our Fathers” and be ready to step up to the microphone to lead in prayer. The interactive keyboard Underscore 2 can be as long or as short as you need. If you’re using the track for Underscore 2 simply fade it out from your soundboard if you don’t need the entire 9 minutes.

You can conduct this worship service with only 3 participants: a worship leader, a capable pianist and a pastor (for the sermon.) Or get as elaborate as you want with multiple narrators, vocalists and praise band.

If you don't have any musicians, conduct the entire service with my MP3 stereo tracks. The hymns and underscores come in both vocal and stereo track versions. You can read the Scripture narrations over the tracks or play the vocal narration demos.

The secret to this Set Starter, and something you won't find ANYWHERE else, is my specially composed underscores that are to be played under the Scripture narrations. I've created these underscores to match the mood and feeling of the Bible verses - much like a movie score supports the acting. This will allow you to create the perfect worship flow for your service!

The Freedom's Holy Light Patriotic Service Guide comes exclusively with a PRAISE TEAM or CHOIR subscription level.

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