Christ the Lord Is Risen Today

Originally arranged in 2002 and first recorded in 2009, I’ve now remixed and refreshed Christ the Lord Is Risen Today with the latest mixing […]

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  25 March 2020
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My Faith Looks Up to Thee

My Faith Looks Up to Thee is a brand new arrangement of a hymn I’ve never worked on before. I’ve created it in the […]

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  2 July 2019
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Original Song: The Deep Deep Love of Jesus

Sometimes, if the original hymn melody sounds a bit antiquated and is hard to “contemporize” I’ll rewrite it. I did just that for the […]

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  14 March 2019
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Happy Birthday HymnCharts 2019!

by Don Chapman Wednesday, March 6, is the birthday of hymncharts! I started the website in 2002 – 17 years ago. Back then contemporary […]

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  6 March 2019
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Blessed Assurance (This Is My Story) + Ever Be

When I started hymncharts back in 2002 it was out of necessity. I had a praise band and my congregation was singing popular worship […]

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  27 February 2019
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