CLICK TO LISTEN: This Is Christ the King

from hymncharts arranger Don Chapman:

For 30 years I’ve been rewriting the music for hymns way before it was popular (yes, I’m old LOL!) In no way do I feel my music is better or should supplant the original; instead it simply will give you an alternative, fresh take on the lyrics which were written in 1865 (read the hymn history.)

This one is my favorite (well, the latest one always seems to be my favorite!) Seriously though, I’m super excited about this rewrite because it’s the first original composition I’ve done that I feel is truly “modern.” I’ve designed it to sound like your typical Bethel/Hillsong worship tune with those types of chord patterns, ambient guitars and an explosive bridge. It’s a song you can sing as “special music” one Sunday and then lead your congregation in it the next Sunday as a worship power ballad.

Arrangement-wise there’s not much to it! The beauty here is in the simplicity. It’ll sound just as good with piano as it would with a full worship band. In fact, do it both ways this December – full band during the month and piano only (or piano with the included cello part) for an intimate Christmas Eve service.

I hope This Is Christ the King (What Child Is This) will be a Christmas favorite in your ministry for many Christmases to come!

Download This Is Christ the King (What Child Is This):

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