New Arrangement: Holy (Lord Almighty)

With a wide dynamic range, Holy (Lord Almighty) is one of those epic arrangements that can stand alone as a call to worship or […]

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  12 July 2016
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You’re Not Too Cool for Traditional or Too Mature for Contemporary

by Matthew Starner I’ll be honest. I stole curated that title from a post over at The Worship Community. The post itself was fine, […]

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  22 June 2016
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New Recording: Rejoice, the Lord Is King

| I originally arranged Rejoice, the Lord Is King way back in 2004 and I’ve now updated the vocal and instrumental parts, added transposed […]

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  14 June 2016
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New Arrangement: Redeemed

Back in high school I remember going to Sunday night “singspirations” and we’d sing all the “fun” Gospel songs that were too racy for […]

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  18 February 2016
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Worship Trends: Bethel Drums

by Don Chapman Bethel Church in Redding, CA has become one of the hottest producers of worship music – influencing the contemporary church with […]

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  24 November 2015
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