Peace On Earth Christmas Set Starter

The Peace On Earth Set Starter will help you make any December praise set very special. The 3 songs and 2 Underscores give you about 10 minutes of music.

A note from arranger/composer Don Chapman

During the holidays I'd usually be so busy getting ready for our special program or the big Christmas Eve service I'd run out of creative energy for my December praise sets.

The Peace On Earth Christmas Set Starter contains everything you need (underscores, reading, charts and tracks) for about a 10 minute Christmas season praise set. This versatile service can be led with as little as a capable pianist and worship leader, or with a praise team, praise band and/or a full SATB or SAB choir (plus orchestral instruments with the instrumental edition.) If you don't have any musicians, lead the service with the stereo tracks, or even mix tracks with live performances.

The Peace On Earth Christmas Set Starter is taken from and is a part of my Love Came Down Christmas Service Guide.

Love Came Down Christmas Service Guide = full Christmas Eve production with 6 songs.

Peace On Earth Set Starter = December praise set with 3 songs.

Open a December praise set with the upbeat carol Angels From the Realms of Glory (with the refrain "Come and worship") then transition into my whirlwind arrangement of Angels We Have Heard On High with the contrapuntal background vocals parts (if your praise team vocalists complain that praise and worship is "too easy" and "boring" this arrangement will keep them quiet for awhile!) After a short Scripture reading or prayer lead your congregation in the Christmas worship song Peace On Earth.

If you don't have any musicians, conduct the entire service with my MP3 stereo tracks. The carols and Underscores come in both vocal and stereo track versions. You can read the Scripture narration over the track or play the vocal narration demo. Some churches like to play the underscores live and use tracks for the songs.

The secret to this service guide, and something you won't find ANYWHERE else, is my specially composed underscores that are to be played under the Scripture narration or prayer. I've created these underscores to match the mood and feeling of the Scripture narration - much like a movie score supports the acting. This will allow you to create the perfect worship flow for your service!

The Peace On Earth Christmas Service Guide comes exclusively with a PRAISE TEAM or CHOIR subscription level.

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