We Remember Communion Service Guide

The We Remember Communion Service Guide contains everything you need (underscores, readings, tracks and songs) for a Communion service of about 25-30 minutes of music (time can be longer depending on prayers and the interactive underscores.)

This versatile service can be led with as little as a capable pianist and worship leader, or with a 3 part vocals praise team, praise band and/or a full SATB or SAB choir plus orchestral instruments. If you don't have any musicians, lead the service with the stereo tracks, or even mix tracks with live performances.

A note from arranger/composer Don Chapman

The We Remember Communion Service Guide is a little bit different from my other service guides. It's more interactive, and the songs can be used all year long in many different configurations.

How it typically has gone in churches where I've ministered is that I keep the same format all year long (praise set / sermon) and then put extra energy into making Christmas (or Christmas Eve) and Easter extra special.

The We Remember Communion Service Guide allows you to easily make another Sunday extra special with very little work on your part!

It's flexible: lead the service with just a worship leader and pianist or include a 3 part vocal praise team or full SATB or SAB choir - all the parts are included.

The secret to this service guide, and something you won't find ANYWHERE else, is my specially composed underscores that are to be played under the Scripture narrations and prayers. The underscores are interactive - and can be as long or as short as you need to play under prayers.

The We Remember Service Guide comes exclusively with a PRAISE TEAM or CHOIR subscription level.

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