I Need Thee Every Hour Lyrics Video

19 August 2013
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Use the I Need Thee Every Hour lyrics video like you’d use an iWorship video – sing along with the stereo track, play the vocal demo as prelude or integrate your praise band with the click track version. Both 480 and 720 downloads contain vocal demo, stereo track and click track versions. It’s part of a HymnCharts subscription and is available as a single purchase in the alacarte section.

2 responses on “I Need Thee Every Hour Lyrics Video

  1. Deborah Mayhew says:

    Hi Mr. Chapman,

    I have read through your website and watched some of the videos and I really like your arrangements. Do you offer accompaniment tracks or is the stereo track the same as an accompaniment track (I’m confused.)? I lead praise and worship at the church I attend but we do not have any musicians and our pastor doesn’t want to use music with a vocalist. Currently, we are using the Fly Worship program. I really like the program but they do not offer many hymns nor a vocal demo. Therefore, I look through YouTube for the song in an attempt to get the correct arrangement to hear how the song goes. I don’t always find the correct arrangement but can usually figure out how the song goes by hearing an arrangement. I would really like more information.

    Thank you,


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