My Blessed Redeemer Reaches #4

13 January 2015
New Arrangements
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The new HymnCharts original song My Blessed Redeemer reached #4 at in 2014 (and #3 on their Easter music chart.) Download this new melody to the traditional hymn lyrics exclusively with a HymnCharts or HymnChartsLITE subscription and use it in your Easter and Good Friday services.

In addition to over 150 hymn arrangements, a HymnCharts subscription gives you chart-topping original praise and worship songs like My Blessed Redeemer.

3 responses on “My Blessed Redeemer Reaches #4

  1. Luc Myrthil says:

    I am in love with this composition “My blessed Redeemer” How can I find the score?
    Can it be down loaded or purchased. I would like it to be a part of my church song
    for Easter(I am a member of the church’s choir.
    Wonderful job and congratulations for the composer.

  2. Jennifer Knox says:

    As always… Don does an amazing job developing tunes/words that are passionate and beautiful.. If you don’t have a subscription… you need to get one! You will never be disappointed in the arrangements of “old” songs made new and new songs that are sure to become staples of your repertoire! Thanks Don for sharing your heart…. this song is AMAZING!

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