HymnCharts Arranger Works With Producer Brown Bannister

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Chris Sligh went from singing HymnCharts demos in my spare bedroom to making the top 10 of American Idol. After all that crazy excitement Chris moved to Nashville, got a record deal and ended up working with the top Christian producer of all time – Grammy award winning producer Brown Bannister. This guy has been around since the early days of Christian music – he actually co-produced Amy Grant’s first recording back in 1977!

Brown produced Chris’ debut CD which spawned the top 10 Christian single Empty Me. Because I had orchestrated some songs on Chris’ independent recording Brown decided to use me to orchestrate them on the new CD. I also worked on the new songs Loaded Gun and Vessel.

One of my favorite string arrangements was for the song Loaded Gun – Chris wanted it to sound similar to the Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby. That one really gave the session players a workout. Hear some soundclips below.

LISTEN: Loaded Gun
LISTEN: In a Moment

Here’s a video of Chris singing Empty Me with me playing the piano for him at a church:


One response on “HymnCharts Arranger Works With Producer Brown Bannister

  1. Daniel says:

    Wow, awesome string arrangement, production and sound with vocal/strings. Love it.

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