HymnCharts Arranger’s Music On The Hour Of Power

18 September 2009
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HymnCharts arranger Don Chapman’s string quartet arrangement for the Chris Sligh song Vessel was heard on TV’s The Hour of Power.

2 responses on “HymnCharts Arranger’s Music On The Hour Of Power

  1. Helen says:

    Lovely song with lovely arrangement. Chris’ mellow voice was a heartfelt prayer for many. Praise God.

  2. Bit says:

    I just don’t see anything new here. I think this chucrh is one that made the top 20 or top 100 innovative and creative chucrhes in America according tonymorganlive.com from Granger Community Church. What’s innovative and creative about it. I’ve been to a few mega chucrhes myself in Texas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania and they are all pretty much copying each other. The pastors are all trying to be Ed Young and have a big building with a chucrh name along with their own that is known among Christian circles. There is a big pride issue here and they are going to have to answer someday. They need to just get back to preaching the pure word of God, not a sugar coated gospel that doesn’t offend.

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