Angels We Have Heard On High

31 July 2014
New Arrangements
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Open your December praise set or Christmas Eve Service with this modern, uptempo arrangement that features a unique counter-melody with the traditional chorus.

Lately I’ve been composing a melodic riff for a song’s intro, then using that riff later in the song as a tag or a bridge (a recent example is There Is A Fountain – listen to the intro, then listen to the end. You’ll hear the singers tag the song, using that melodic riff, with the words “I will sing Your pow’r, I’ll sing Your pow’r to save.”) The idea here is to help your congregation easily learn and sing along with the tag/bridge since they’ve (unknowingly) heard that riff in the intro and midtros!

I’m using this same format with Angels We Have Heard as well as with some of my other modern Christmas arrangements. The piano intro riff turns into a guitar riff, then turns into a vocal bridge with the words “Angels, angels were singing.”

Angels We Have Heard is probably my most modern arrangement to date – simple and playable chords with hooky guitar and piano licks. Download sheet music, chord charts, drum loops, tracks and orchestration exclusively with a HymnCharts subscription. You won’t find this arrangement on any other website.

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  1. Deeanna says:

    Love it

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