New Christmas Arrangement: The Birthday of a King

27 October 2014
New Arrangements
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LISTEN The Birthday of a King
I typically just record my arrangements with 3 part vocals since that’s the dominant praise team format today. But The Birthday of a King has such an enormously wide vocal range it really sounds best sung by a SATB choir.

Included with this arrangement are MP3 demos for soprano, alto, tenor and bass to help your choir learn their parts, as well as a split track for performance (track on left, dry vocals on the right.)

Download sheet music, chord charts, tracks and orchestration exclusively with a HymnCharts subscriptionYou won’t find this arrangement on any other website.

2 responses on “New Christmas Arrangement: The Birthday of a King

  1. glenn says:

    I just listened to your recording of “The Birthday of a King”. I am wondering if it would be possible to
    use hand bells with this arrangement and have only women voices (we have no men). What do you think?

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