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I’ve been redesigning the HymnCharts database over the past few weeks to include new features that will enhance your HymnCharts experience. If you are a HymnCharts subscriber, login and click the new “Account” link at the top right of the member page and you’ll find a Member’s area with:

Payments: See your payment history and download a PDF receipt for your subscription.

Expiration date: Know at-a-glance when your HymnCharts subscription will expire.

Renewal: When your subscription is about ready to expire, use this option to renew. You’ll still receive reminder emails as your renewal time nears.

Upgrades: See if any HymnCharts upgrades are available to you.

Log out: Over the years people have occasionally asked about a “log out” feature. You don’t really need log out because your HymnCharts session ends when you close your browser. However, if you do wish to log out you now have a log out link under the “Account” link.

LITE clarity: HymnChartsLITE subscribers can sometimes be unsure about exactly which files they can download, and if they click the wrong file they’ll get kicked out of the website. I’ve fixed this problem with two solutions:

  • Color coding: The titles for HymnChartsLITE downloads are now shaded a light orange color for easier visual identification.
  • Access denied: If a HymnChartsLITE subscriber clicks the wrong file they’ll receive an “Access Denied” screen. Simply click your browser’s back button and try again.

I’ve tested and retested the system multiple times (and you may have accidentally received some extra email notifications) but as with anything new there’s bound to be errors. Let me know if you have any problems with your login or if something doesn’t seem to work correctly.

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