New Arrangement: Sing We Now of Christmas

13 October 2015
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LISTEN Sing We Now of Christmas (worship leader)
LISTEN Sing We Now of Christmas (praise team)
LISTEN Sing We Now of Christmas (SATB choir)

Sing We Now of Christmas is the perfect performance piece to open a December praise set or your Christmas Eve service.

Reminiscent of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, it’s been an immensely popular arrangement here at Hymncharts so I’ve recorded it in the three most prevalent worship styles used by most contemporary churches:

LISTEN male worship leader and female BGV
LISTEN 3 part praise team / SAB choir

The SATB choir version is a little different and has a separate download page (don’t mix the two versions – they don’t match!) I sometimes like to have a “WOW” factor arrangement to open a special service like Christmas or Easter. The SATB version starts in a pop/rock style then transitions on the 4th verse into a traditional acapella arrangement with intricate SATB parts (you’ll definitely have to rehearse this one!)

Both versions end with a big instrumental “stinger” which you can follow with an upbeat praise song or Christmas carol. I guarantee your congregation will love it!

This SATB+ arrangement comes with an SATB vocal demo, SATB-only sheet music, soprano/alto/tenor/bass practice tracks and multitracks.

Download Sing We Now of Christmas:

Download sheet music, chord charts, tracks, multitracks and orchestration for Sing We Now of Christmas exclusively with a HymnCharts or HymnChartsLITE subscription. You won’t find this arrangement on any other website.

7 responses on “New Arrangement: Sing We Now of Christmas

  1. Mary Shorr says:

    Would an accompaniment track of your new arrangement for Sing We now of Christmas be available for congregational use for churches with no band or orchestra?

  2. deb dorman says:

    i really like it! Great song for the Christmas season.
    the choir version would be a great an opening song.
    if you have the voices for it

  3. Kara S says:

    Is there any possible way to purchase an accompaniment track separately without a membership? We are a small church, but we have just started a kids choir and they would love this arrangement. All the other arrangements I have looked into are very traditional and this one is very contemporary and well, it rocks…..

  4. Grant says:

    My church just got a subscription, we’re doing this for Christmas Eve! However do you have the electric guitar part mapped out somewhere? (Mainly for the small solo parts in the intro and after each chorus and the big ending) Either tabs or actual notes? It seems to be the only instrument not available. And it’s the most critical to make it Trans-Siberian like. Thanks

    • Don Chapman says:

      Thanks for doing Sing We Now at your church, I’d love to hear it if you record the service! The reason I don’t create sheet music for guitarists is because… guitarists don’t read sheet music (at least in any church I’ve ever played at lol!) What they typically do is listen to the demo and replicate the parts as best they can. With that in mind I’ve created a “guitar spotlight” mp3 – a special mix with the guitars louder so they can hear the parts better.

      • Grant says:

        Thanks. The word I should have used was electric guitar tablature, just for that main riff part after in the intro and after the choruses.

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