New Recording: Be Still My Soul

9 August 2016
New Arrangements
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LISTEN Be Still My Soul

I originally arranged Be Still My Soul in 2006 and I’ve now updated the vocal, piano and instrumental parts, added transposed chord charts, multitracks and created vocal demos and stereo tracks.

What incredible lyrics! Why don’t we hear this hymn more often? I’ll be working on a more modern version as this arrangement, being one of my first here at HymnCharts, doesn’t have drums, electric or bass parts.

Download Be Still My Soul:

Download sheet music, chord charts, tracks, multitracks and orchestration for Be Still My Soul exclusively with a HymnCharts or HymnChartsLITE subscription. You won’t find this arrangement on any other website.

One response on “New Recording: Be Still My Soul

  1. Kathy&Gordon says:

    Great songs.

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