Cinematic Underscores

For years I’ve created film score-type piano underscores for my HymnCharts service guides you can play during Scripture readings – these help tie your service together by creating a seamless worship flow.

Now, with new music software technology I’ve been experimenting with creating underscores that are a little more “cinematic.”

The four new Cinematic Underscores for my latest Glorious Day Service Guide are extremely versatile and can be used in several ways:

  • Music+narration underscore MP3s: play the full MP3s with both music and narration between your songs.
  • Music underscore MP3s: play the stereo track MP3s (instruments only) with a live narrator.
  • Live piano + multitrack orchestra: the new Cinematic Underscores are multitracks and are on a click. Give them a live feel by playing the piano to the click with the orchestra MP3s.
  • Live piano: each Cinematic Underscore can work fine with just the core piano part if you don’t want to use the orchestration – play with or without a click.

I love both pop music and modern orchestra movie-score type music. If you think about it, cinematic music is one of the only styles of music that transcends generations, cultures and even countries! People from all walks of life are familiar with and connect to (if even only subconsciously) a modern movie score.

Each Cinematic Underscore flows seamlessly into the songs in the Glorious Day Service Guide. Hear samples below:

LISTEN: Underscore 1 + Morning Medley
LISTEN: Underscore 2 + Sacred Head
LISTEN: Underscore 3 + Were You There
LISTEN: Underscore 4 + In the Garden

Cinematic Underscores have sheet music for just piano – the orchestration is audio only.

Download Cinematic Underscores:

Download Cinematic Underscores for Glorious Day exclusively with a hymncharts subscription.


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