New Arrangement: Blessed Assurance (This Is My Story)

Blessed Assurance
LISTEN: Blessed modern demo
LISTEN: Blessed orc demo
LISTEN: Blessed acoustic demo

Read more about the acoustic mix here.

I’ve arranged Blessed Assurance (This Is My Story) to blend perfectly with popular modern worship music from Bethel, Hillsong and others. Like many songs in the modern genre, this arrangement has the feel of spacious synths and unique chord patterns. While you can’t fully reproduce what you hear on the recordings without multitracks (also included with this arrangement) I’ve created a new sheet music file for synth pad that replaces my typical synth strings. This core synth part is exactly what you hear me playing in the modern demo – choose a synth patch on your own keyboard or laptop that can sound full and a little brassy with the mod wheel up while being soft and mellow with the mod wheel turned down.

Since Blessed Assurance is considered a popular top 20 hymn nearly every church can use, I’ve spent a lot of time making it as versatile as possible:

3 versions: In addition to the main modern version I’ve included my typical hymncharts blended version (with instrumental parts) and the third is an acoustic version with cello (read more.) I can imagine a church might use each version at different times of the year for variety.

2 keys: The melody of Blessed Assurance has a wide range of a full octave plus one. I recorded it with a tenor worship leader and female background vocalist (BGV) in the key of D but found when creating the praise team and choir parts that it was just too high so I’m making the sheet music available in both C and D major.

Built-in ritard: I’ve been doing this with my newer arrangements – instead a simply notating “ritard” (slowing down) at the very end of an arrangement, I’m building them in “manually” by adding an extra beat or two. This is to help multitracks users – the slowdown is timed out and eliminates guesswork. You’ll find two at the end of the arrangement.

Hear how well Blessed Assurance can blend with the popular worship song Ever Be from Bethel Worship.

Download Blessed Assurance (This Is My Story)

Download sheet music, chord charts, tracks, multitracks and orchestration for Blessed Assurance (This Is My Story) exclusively with a hymncharts subscription. You won’t find this arrangement on any other website.

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