Christ the Lord Is Risen Today

25 March 2020
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Originally arranged in 2002 and first recorded in 2009, I’ve now remixed and refreshed Christ the Lord Is Risen Today with the latest mixing technology. Wow, what a difference in both sound and instrumentation! Back then, the piano software I used was 115 megabytes. The piano software I’m using now is 250 GIGAbytes and fills up an entire SSD hard drive! It also analyzes your playing and triggers different release samples depending on how long you hold the notes. One of my new mixing plugins analyzes the EQ 300 times per second and adjusts itself accordingly (can you tell I’m a geek LOL!)

I’ve also refined both the vocal and instrumentals parts as well as added multitracks.

I’ve created three demos. Click the title to hear it:

LISTEN: vocal demo
This is the standard hymncharts demo for praise band with piano, electric guitar, drums, bass and synth strings.

LISTEN: vocal demo + french horn
Try adding a french horn (or french horn synth patch) to your praise band to give it a more epic feel.

This demo has all the instrumental parts, synth strings and french horn.

Download Christ the Lord Is Risen Today:

Download sheet music, chord charts, tracks, multitracks and orchestration for the remix of Christ the Lord Is Risen Today exclusively with a HymnCharts subscription.

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