All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name


Happy new year from hymncharts! Along with the new website I wanted to refresh my flagship arrangement of All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name.

I’ve remixed and remastered the vocal demos, stereo tracks and multitracks. The SATB, SAB, synth strings and instrumental parts have been revised (I do this for some my older arrangements as I feel I can both arrange and mix music better than I did when hymncharts first started.) Removed are some of the synthy leads and pads that were more in vogue a decade ago. The 3 part vocals remain the same.

Originally created in 2002, All Hail the Power was my first hymnchart. Nearly twenty years ago I was a music director at a small church plant and people in my congregation were, ahem, concerned that I was not including hymns in my praise sets! I didn’t because there weren’t any – in those days we didn’t have the resources we have today. So I simplified the chord structure, dropped it to the guitar-friendly key of E major and hymncharts was born when the arrangement turned out to be a smash hit with the people in my church.

Back then (version 1.0) the arrangement had a modulation (key change) on the final verse. Version 2.0 came around 2012 when I started recording in LA and Nashville and began learning more about the mixing process. I’ve kept it in one key as most praise songs no longer modulate. The 3.0 version you hear today benefits from (hopefully) my better arranging skills as well as the latest computer technology with mixing, mastering and virtual instruments.

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