Amazing Grace 2004


from arranger Don Chapman:

05.20.21 New instrumental parts uploaded along with an ORC demo (orchestrated) and various key options for the stereo tracks.

04.28.21 I originally released Amazing Grace 2004 on April 23, 2004. So now, seventeen years later, I’m finally releasing a recording so you can hear it fully realized for the first time!

I’ve enhanced the piano, instrumental and vocal parts as I do with my older arrangements (I feel I can arrange music better now that I could twenty years ago!) and I’ve spent several weeks tweaking the recording.

Since Amazing Grace is, by most polls, the top hymn across all denominations, I wanted to get this one right! (i.e. this has taken forever LOL!) And I’ll also be creating several versions to make it as versatile as possible.

If I waited to release it all at once I feel like I’ll never get it out! So right now you’ll find the bare basics:

  • vocals
  • piano
  • synth strings
  • new transposed chord charts
  • 1 key option for stereo tracks
What’s coming:

Instrumental sheet music and demo: An incredible new orchestral software library is slated for release this month so I wanted to wait a little bit to create the instrumental sheet music and demo.

Key change version: The original had a modulation (key change) on the final verse. This enhanced version stays in one key, but I’ll also release that modulated version in the future with the enhanced parts.

SATB+ I’ll also make this an SATB+ arrangement with an SATB choral demo, SATB practice tracks and SATB only sheet music.

Tracks: Other key options as well as multitracks.

I hope you enjoy finally hearing this hymn and stay tuned for more files!

Download Amazing Grace 2004 Today:

Download sheet music, chord charts, tracks, multitracks and orchestration for Amazing Grace 2004 exclusively with a hymncharts subscription.

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