Christ the Lord Is Risen Today 2022 Vocal Trick

Christ The Lord 2022 trick
LISTEN: vocal trick demo

Read about the story behind Christ the Lord Is Risen Today.

from arranger Don Chapman:

Christ the Lord Is Risen Today is an Easter staple. But wow, is it hard to sing – the hymn has more in common with a Bach cantata than a Bethel worship tune:

If you have a talented classically trained (but still pop leaning) soprano or baritone you’re fine. But what if you don’t? Try this little “hack.”

Simply split Christ the Lord Is Risen Today into TWO parts and make it a duet!

Let an alto or soprano start the song in its lower register, have a tenor take the next section that’s higher, then finish each verse with a duet. This works with any arrangement of the hymn, here’s my version so you can hear what I’m suggesting:

LISTEN: vocal trick demo

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