Our God Reigns

Our God Reigns

By Don Chapman

Our God Reigns emerged in that first wave of “choruses” way back in 1974, the same era as I Love You, Lord (1976) and Seek Ye First (1971). Songs like these are the forebears of our modern worship music. Can you imagine a day and age when beautiful music like this was considered radical (and even dangerous) by traditionalists!

Lenny Smith, the composer of Our God Reigns, recently emailed me and asked if I might be interested in arranging it (he’s still going strong at 80!) He’s quite a charming, humorous fellow 🙂 For fun I thought I’d try, not expecting much. Sitting down at the piano this little rendition instantly popped out and I quite liked it! Those chime-y piano chords give it a nice modern feel.

My vision for this version is that it makes a great prelude-type song. It’s just one verse and 4 choruses and will work wonderfully as an opening for your Easter worship, especially opening a hymn like Christ the Lord Is Risen Today or Christ Arose (I arranged it specifically to work with my new version of Christ the Lord Is Risen Today but it would work equally well with my others.)

One thing I especially love about most Easter music is that you can use these songs and hymns all year ’round. Imagine Our God Reigns as an ending to your communion service!

The 5th verse is perfect for Easter: “Out of the tomb He came with grace and majesty…” Start your service with Our God Reigns and on that final chord launch into an upbeat version of your favorite Easter hymn or praise song (This Is Our God or This Is Amazing Grace by Phil Wickham would work well!) Your congregation might get swept up in it, I certainly do as I listen, so feel free to add another chorus.

Download the basic files now and I’ll have a little more elaborate version with full band coming up!

P.S. I would love to arrange other popular praise and worship songs but alas, publishing companies won’t let me since they don’t like my subscription based sales method. Mr. Smith, owning his own copyright, is able to give me permission. I get content for hymncharts and he gets CCLI royalties (the CCLI number is only 4 digits: 8458 – you know it’s a classic!)

Here’s a YouTube video of Mr. Smith singing Our God Reigns live a few years ago with his kids and grandkids.

Download sheet music, chord charts, tracks, multitracks and instrumental parts for Our God Reigns exclusively with a hymncharts subscription. You won’t find this arrangement on any other website.

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  • Don: I AM simply delighted! You certainly have put a spark in my old song. Thank you for your kindness and your generosity in doing this work. Wonderful job! God loves us so very much!


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