Worshiphymns vs. Hymncharts: Which Website is Right for Your Church?


by Don Chapman

I’m excited to announce the launch of my brand new hymns website, Worshiphymns.com! Tailored specifically for modern worship teams, Worshiphymns will feature modern arrangements of classic hymns to seamlessly blend into a worship setlist of top CCLI songs. Both websites will have the same, new modern arrangements, but Hymncharts will offer more sheet music files like choir and instrumental parts.

How will Worshiphymns differ from my existing site, Hymncharts.com? Let’s compare the two:

Hymncharts Overview

Launched in 2002, Hymncharts offers over 150 hymn arrangements ranging from traditional to contemporary with worship styles spanning over 20 years.

Hymncharts appeals to churches looking for blended worship, providing sheet music for praise teams, choirs (SATB) and orchestral instruments like flute, trumpet, clarinet, etc. The site has a long history of serving ministries seeking to bridge generational gaps in musical tastes.

Worshiphymns Overview

Brand new in 2023, Worshiphymns.com specifically targets modern worship churches who sing few, if any, hymns. Worshiphymns will be worship band only (with an occasional cello part if I arrange it that way) and feature my newest, modern arrangements with a few remixed classic Hymncharts arrangements I think would work in a modern setting.

Key Differences

While both websites will offer the same, newest modern hymn arrangements, Hymncharts provides expanded instrumentation and vocals. Worshiphymns keeps the downloads simple with chord charts, multitracks and piano / vocal sheet music.

Additionally, Hymncharts has a vast 20-year history and catalogue of over 150 arrangements, while Worshiphymns is a brand new specialized site catering to a distinct, modern style.


If you have a choir and/or instruments like flute, trumpet, clarinet, etc., Hymncharts is what you need.

If you’re a worship band-driven style singing the top CCLI songs, Worshiphymns is for you!

Choose the site that best aligns with your church’s worship style and instrumentation needs. With two tailored options, you’re sure to find the perfect hymn arrangements for your ministry!

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