Hymncharts Team

Don Chapman and Taylor Brantley form the core of the Hymncharts Team, focusing on researching and writing about the histories of beloved hymns. Don, the founder of Hymncharts and a well-known arranger, brings his extensive musical expertise to the project. Taylor, a skilled writer with a passion for storytelling, contributes his talent for crafting engaging narratives.

Don and Taylor hope to preserve the legacy of hymns and share their enduring messages with contemporary worshippers. The Hymncharts Team’s hymn histories offer a fascinating glimpse into the lives of those who created these musical treasures. Through their work, Don and Taylor strive to keep these stories alive, allowing them to continue inspiring and uplifting readers today.

Don Chapman

Arranger/composer Don Chapman designed HymnCharts for busy musicians and worship leaders who want our rich heritage of hymns to flow smoothly with contemporary worship. Launched on March 6, 2002, HymnCharts was one of the first websites to offer downloadable sheet music for churches.

Taylor Brantley

Taylor Brantley has three passions in life: God, people, and writing (with an honorary mention to food and fitness). Taylor was raised in a Christian homeschool environment, which encouraged a freedom to be who God made him and resulted in an interest in storytelling and writing.

Top Arrangements

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Blessed Assurance
Christ Arose
Crown Him With Many Crowns
Jesus Paid It All 2018
Holy Holy Holy

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