Why Are Hymns Still Popular?


by Taylor Brantley

Why are so many old hymns still popular to this day? Are they merely being kept around by believers holding to tradition? As society and technology advances, shouldn’t the new dethrone the old?

Music has a way of penetrating the soul, each type of song having its purpose. Love songs help us express how we feel about someone, up-beat songs push us along in a workout. But a hymn’s purpose is that of light; God’s Word in the form of a song.

In dark times, whether it be the personal darkness of losing a loved one or the shared darkness of war, hymns remind us that faith in God conquers all, no matter how quickly the world around us changes. They serve as a reminder of His mercy and grace, an enduring beacon to keep darkness at bay.

Hymns are not being lugged across time by believers holding to tradition. Rather it is the hymns that are holding us up, providing light as we navigate the narrow path.

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  • Thank you for article, it was greatly appreciated. As a member of our local worship planning committee, we often discuss traditional hymns vs contemporary songs. Our process has been a balance between both styles of music. Your article validated our process by honouring both. Thank you.


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