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Our God Reigns

Our God Reigns
CLICK TO LISTEN: Our God Reigns By Don Chapman Our God Reigns emerged in that first wave of “choruses” way back in 1974, the same era as I Love You, Lord (1976) and Seek Ye First (1971). Songs like these are the forebears of our modern worship music. Can you imagine…

Christ the Lord Is Risen Today 2023

Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
CLICK TO LISTEN: Christ the Lord Is Risen Today By Don Chapman I’m so excited to share my new arrangement of Christ the Lord Is Risen Today! Other arrangements of this classic Easter hymn here at hymncharts are big and bombastic, but this one is a bit more laid back with…

Happy Birthday HymnCharts 2023!

General, News
by Don Chapman March 6th is the birthday of hymncharts! I started the website in 2002 – 21 years ago. Back then contemporary worship was still fairly new and online resources were almost non-existent. You might have found chord charts for your favorite new worship songs but there were no…

Were You There

Were You There
CLICK TO LISTEN: Were You There By Don Chapman I’ve just released basic sheet music files for Were You There for your Easter planning – I’ll have the full mix in 2 weeks. The piano / vocal demo gives you an idea of the arrangement, plus shows off how with even…

Why Are Hymns Still Popular?

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by Taylor Brantley Why are so many old hymns still popular to this day? Are they merely being kept around by believers holding to tradition? As society and technology advances, shouldn’t the new dethrone the old? Music has a way of penetrating the soul, each type of song having its…

Amazing Grace 250th Anniversary

Amazing Grace 250th
CLICK TO LISTEN: Amazing Grace 2004 CLICK TO LISTEN: Amazing Grace 2003 The 250th anniversary of the beloved hymn “Amazing Grace” is a significant milestone for both music and faith. The hymn’s popularity speaks volumes about its message — that no matter how deep our sins may be or what circumstances we…




Christ Arose (LIVE) 1st Baptist Atlanta

Live Video
Sing We Now of Christmas

In the Studio: Sing We Now of Christmas

Live Video
Away In A Manger

Recording Session Vocalists: Away in a Manger

Live Video


We love HymnCharts…it has helped us start an orchestra ministry in our small church! The parts are accessible and don’t leave the same “gaps” as most orchestrations. We appreciate what you do. God bless your ministry!

Josh Erisman
FBC Strafford
Strafford, MO

I use your charts almost every Sunday, and love them. You have done such a great job giving new life and spirit to old hymns. Your website is easy to use, and all charts are so accessible. Well done!

Susan Hutchinson Banning
Rockland Community Church
Golden, CO

Our congregation is incredibly receptive to your quality arrangements of the old hymns. The elder saints can still hear the tune they love so much and generation x/z feel like they’re singing new praise and worship songs and are digging the “deep” lyrics. I think your product is the best on the market.

Doug Hewitt
First Baptist Church
Riverview, FL

I just wanted to say how much I am thankful for your work. Trying to blend hymns with modern worship songs is extremely difficult. You site is bridging the gap.

Barry Bouchillon
Trinity Baptist Church
Fulton, MS

I just want to say thank you for doing this. It is REALLY hard to find all the things you’re offering in one place WITH a small orchestration. I just joined our church up! A+.

Brandon Snow
Fellowship Baptist Church
Rome, GA

I want to sing, “Have I told you lately that I love you…!” Your Advent/Christmas hymn arrangements have made this season (for 3 years now) so easy & wonderful!

Wendi Arms
First Presbyterian Church
Greer, SC

These arrangements are great – we have a worship band and don’t usually include many hymns, but since I’ve found this site I’ve used at least one per week – great job!

Kent Drake
Bright Christian Church
Lawrenceburg, IN

I use your hymns every week. HymnCharts is part of my job description. I don’t plan a service without it. I also recommended this site to my friends from other churches.

Sam Ruiz
Ridgeway Alliance Church
White Plains, NY